To live according to my life principles – part 1

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Hello again,

In this series of posts I will share my current version of my life principles and how well I live by them. This will both help you to understand where I’m at the moment and also help me to identify in what areas I’m failing. Continue reading “To live according to my life principles – part 1”

2017 First 30 Day Challenge

Reading Time: 2 minutes

​Hi dear readers (yes it’s plural)!

I have decided to go public with my first 30 day challenge of the year. And as in the definition of the word “first” (being before all others), I am going to make this a lifestyle change and not just a one off.

For thirty straight days I won’t be biting on my fingernails! I have tried this several times before but got to a point where the impatience got me in the end.

This time it’s different. Continue reading “2017 First 30 Day Challenge”