Weekly News 2017-05-19

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I know it’s been a long time. I haven’t been at my best these last couple of months and had to prioritize the things that’s more important.

Anyway the aim with this blog is to challenge the world and myself, go outside of my comfort zone and achieve those big life goals that I have (and you hopefully have yours).

Starting from now, every Friday I’ll wrap up the week and keep you in the loop on my progress and unavoidable failures.

You hopefully have a lot to look forward to, here it goes. Continue reading “Weekly News 2017-05-19”

2016 Year Review

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The year of change

Once again we enter a new year and in this post I reflect on the changes that happened in my life 2016, both good and bad.
One of my many inspirational people is Leo Babauta who among other things got me interested in meditation and Getting Things Done. As a good habit I will do my annual review and post it on this blog. If you’re interested in doing the same thing I highly recommend you read this post by Leo. Continue reading “2016 Year Review”