2017 Year End Review

You can make a lot happen in 365 days but it can be hard to realize the magnitude and get appreciation when you’re busy advancing from one day to the next. So in this post I will reflect on the stuff that made my 2017. Things I accomplished, what I learned and how I have changed as a person in the last 12 months.

This last year didn’t involve as much changes as 2016 did and I feel like these last two years have been very similar, only in 2017 it was more of everything. You can read my 2016 Year End Review here.

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To live according to my life principles – part 1

Hello again,

In this series of posts I will share my current version of my life principles and how well I live by them. This will both help you to understand where I’m at the moment and also help me to identify in what areas I’m failing. Continue reading “To live according to my life principles – part 1”

Weekly News 2017-05-19


I know it’s been a long time. I haven’t been at my best these last couple of months and had to prioritize the things that’s more important.

Anyway the aim with this blog is to challenge the world and myself, go outside of my comfort zone and achieve those big life goals that I have (and you hopefully have yours).

Starting from now, every Friday I’ll wrap up the week and keep you in the loop on my progress and unavoidable failures.

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Arena Run 2017

Hi everybody,

Yesterday I ran the obstacle course Arena Run.

What is Arena Run?

“Arena Run is an obstacle run where you run, crawl, jump in, under, over and through obstacles in a unique arena environment. It gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself as an individual or as part of a team.
The race has a total distance of 5K within the arena premises and you run up and down stairs, in-between bars, through tunnels, stands and corridors, and out on the pitch.” – arenarun.se Continue reading “Arena Run 2017”

The Running Machine

We’re a machine built to run – and the machine never wears out. Just move your legs. Because if you don’t think you were born to run, you’re not only denying history. You’re denying who you are. – Dennis Bramble

While reading the book Born to Run I pictured myself as Caballo Blanco (the white horse). A true limitless inspiration, yet made of flesh and bone like everyone else.

My big fitness goal/challenge this year is to complete my very first marathon. I expect it to (and of course it will) be the best day of my life so far.  Continue reading “The Running Machine”

2017 First 30 Day Challenge

​Hi dear readers (yes it’s plural)!

I have decided to go public with my first 30 day challenge of the year. And as in the definition of the word “first” (being before all others), I am going to make this a lifestyle change and not just a one off.

For thirty straight days I won’t be biting on my fingernails! I have tried this several times before but got to a point where the impatience got me in the end.

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2016 Year Review

The year of change

Once again we enter a new year and in this post I reflect on the changes that happened in my life 2016, both good and bad.
One of my many inspirational people is Leo Babauta who among other things got me interested in meditation and Getting Things Done. As a good habit I will do my annual review and post it on this blog. If you’re interested in doing the same thing I highly recommend you read this post by Leo. Continue reading “2016 Year Review”

Who Do I Think I Am?

Today I’m sharing an exercise from Barbara Sher’s book “Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want“.

The Private-Eye Game

Here’s how it works: Snoop around your own house or room as if you were a private-eye trying to find out who lived here just from the style revealed in the house. Make an inventory of as many characteristics and interests you can find. Continue reading “Who Do I Think I Am?”